Letter: Le Gym Doesn’t Suck

Re: Nah’msayin? Concordia’s Le Gym Should Change Its Name To Le Grotto

It is true that Le Gym has no natural lighting, but for a $20.84 a month, this fact is easily overlooked. It has everything that one might need to train effectively and efficiently. If one is found lacking “machines” to train with, one should consider hiring a personal trainer to help replace the “machines” one is looking for.

  • Letter: Give CURE a Fee-levy

    Vote YES to the CURE fee levy question!

  • Letter: Yes to CURE Concordia

    I encourage my fellow Fine Arts students to vote “Yes to CURE Concordia” and support community-based art and more opportunities for Fine Arts at Concordia.

  • Letter: Vote for For-Credit Social Justice Research

    I encourage my fellow Concordia students to vote “Yes” to CURE Concordia during the CSU by-elections on Nov. 24 through 26.

  • Letter: Support a Daycare and Nursery

    The daycare service will allow student-parents to accommodate their already difficult class schedules including night classes, and provide stability for their families.

  • Letter: Vote Yes to CURE

    Vote yes to CURE in by-elections—find new ways to see yourself in your undergrad.

  • Letter: Vote Yes on the CSU Daycare

    Support the CSU’s Daycare and Nursery Project by voting YES to the referendum question on Nov. 24 through 26!

  • Letter: In Support of CSU Daycare

    If you don’t already know, the CSU is working to create a daycare.

  • Letter: Support Cure

    There are few projects on campus that have the ability to bring together students from all faculties: Arts & Science, Business, Engineering, and Fine Arts. The Community-University Research Exchange (CURE Concordia) is one of those projects. 

  • Letter: YES to AVEQ—Yes to an ALTERNATIVE

    Students across Quebec have united their power through provincial student associations for over 50 years. This collaboration has sustained an accessible system of post-secondary education throughout all of Quebec.

  • Letter: ConU Students Build the World They Want to Live In

    The future Solidarity Economy Incubator, with student permission, aims to support the development of a new economy through projects like these both on campus and beyond, by introducing students to the solidarity and community economy through internships, semester-based training programs, conferences, consulting and mentorship programs, and more.