New Treaty Opposes Pipeline Construction

First Nations Across the Country Come Together to Defend Their Land

On Thursday, Sept. 22, a treaty alliance was announced between First Nations in Canada and the United States, uniting the signatories against the development of pipelines on their territories—specifically pipelines to export Alberta’s tar sands oil to coastal distribution centers.

  • John Molson Women in Leadership Look For Equality in Business

    New Committee Wants to Promote Diversity in Leadership

    The gender disparity in the business world is, in part, what led Jazna Rossi, a finance and international business student, and Serena Feeney, studying business technology management, to create the John Molson Women in Leadership committee.

  • Divest McGill Confronts University in Forum

    McGill University Holds Public Forum on Sustainability, Divestment

    This was the first of three public consultations on sustainability held by McGill University last Friday. The consultations come as a direct result of a sit-in carried out by Divest McGill in the James Administration building last spring.

  • Homa Hoodfar Released

    Members of the Campaign to Free Homa Are ‘Overjoyed’ to Hear Homa is Free

    Former Concordia professor Homa Hoodfar was released from Evin prison in Iran on Monday, Sept. 26, after spending over 100 days in solitary confinement.

  • Mohamed Fahmy Uses Newfound Freedom to Free Others

    Former Al Jazeera English Bureau Chief Calls for Government to Work and #FreeHoma

    In 2013, the former Al Jazeera English Bureau Chief became a target himself when he was accused of supporting the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and detained for 438 days in Egypt’s Tora Prison.

  • Indigenous Scholar Begins New Lecture Series at Concordia

    Dr. Taiaiake Alfred Addresses Topic of “Reconciliation as Recolonization”

    “The idea of the lecture series is to bring Indigenous voices to Concordia and to give an opportunity for them to be heard, in their own words, on their own terms,” explained Daniel Salée, the interim director of the First Peoples Program.

  • Demonstrators Gather for Imprisoned Professor Homa Hoodfar

    The Former Concordia Professor Has Been Imprisoned in Iran’s Evin Prison For Over 100 Days

    The former Concordia professor has been imprisoned in Iran’s Evin prison for 111 days on unclear charges. She was accused of “dabbling in feminism” and collaborating with hostile governments.

  • Concordia’s Jeux De La Communication Delegation Stands Against Rape Culture

    The Scandal Led to the Resignation of the Université du Québec en Outaouais’ Delegation Co-Chiefs

    “We thought it was deplorable” said co-chief of the Concordia team, Vincent Gagnon.

  • Montreal Hosts Third Global Conference on World’s Religions

    Speakers Address Concerns of Both Religious and Nationalist Terrorism

    The fear is mounting as the American election looms closer.

  • Yesterday’s Socialism, Today’s Sexy

    Fightback Concordia Attracts a New Wave of Socialists

    The night’s lesson: Marxist theory. Tomorrow’s test: conquer capitalism.

  • Laughter That Empowers

    Using the Stand-Up Stage to Centre the Marginalized

    The Feminist Stand Up Comedy Night, organized by the Centre for Gender Advocacy, provided an open space for women, queer people and people of colour to laugh away their experiences with oppression onstage.