Editorial: The Link’s Endorsements for the Fall 2014 By-Elections

We encourage Concordia undergrads to inform themselves about the [various] campaigns by reading opposing views before casting their ballots.

  • CSU to Mandate a Referendum On Affordable Student Housing

    Having access to good, affordable housing is something that affects us on an individual level, but it also contributes to structural and societal change that affect everybody.

  • A Tripper’s Guide to the Galaxy

    Seven Principles to Optimize your Psychedelic Expeditions

    T*idy up and clean the setting before tripping! A cluttered environment is a cluttered mind.

  • It’s Time for Alan Shepard and the Rest of Concordia to Stand Up

    In other words, what’s happening in Quebec today is an agenda to create a corporate welfare state. Building a society on such a premise is the road to a dystopian serfdom.

  • Vote YES to BDS

    Concordia undergraduates, from Nov. 25 to Nov. 27 you will be asked to vote on an important referendum question which would end our complicity with human rights abuses against Palestinians, while also sending a strong message to Concordia about our commitment to equality.

  • Editorial: Ending the Reign of Chart-Hell

    Chartwells is a food service management company that has held an exclusive contract with Concordia since 2002. It also happens to be a subsidiary of Compass Group, the multinational known for being a food service provider for prisons, offshore oil platforms, and schools worldwide and reported an income of approximately $10.5 billion CAD in 2013.

  • Vote NO to BDS

    When Concordia undergraduates head to the ballot boxes next week, they will be asked to vote on whether or not their student union should endorse the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement opposing Israel’s occupation of the Palestinian Territories. BDS supporters at Concordia mean well, but the movement as a whole amounts to little more than a clever propaganda campaign, and I encourage students to check off the “no” box.

  • Could an Illegal Drug Change the Way We Treat Psychological Trauma?

    In the last 11 years, the Iraq war has resulted in the deaths of approximately 4,500 United States soldiers. In contrast, 6,500 war veterans committed suicide in 2012 alone, amounting to roughly 18 veterans taking their own lives every day of that year. The failure of the US government to appropriately take care of war veterans’ mental health and well-being is resulting in far more casualties for the nation than war itself.

  • Montreal Urban Agglomeration: A Plan Worth Delivering?

    The Montreal Urban Agglomeration Land Use and Development Plan was recently released for public consultation. It’s the first time the plan will be updated since the original version was introduced in 1986, so it’s unsurprising that it has received a lot of attention from those who want to remodel Montreal.

  • Austerity: Not an Obligation, Not a Necessity

    Since the announcement of cuts to Quebec’s education budget, the necessity of austerity has become a matter of public debate. We were prompted to write this piece after being repeatedly asked, “What is austerity?”

  • UberX: Innovation or Anarchy?

    A Look at the Pros and Cons of Montreal’s New Ridesharing App

    “Uber doesn’t pay their taxes; they’re circumventing regulations,” said Martha Karounis, a daytime dispatcher at Atlas Taxi for 25 years. “It’s like Jack and Jill or you and I starting a milk company and keeping all the money for ourselves. It’s anarchy.”