Alexander Perez

  • Indigenous Women Say Canada’s Legislative is Discriminatory

    Indian Act Continues to Harm First Nations Women, Petition Launched

    When Mary Hannaburg’s mother married a non-Indigenous man, she lost her Indigenous status, her voice, and her land. This was due to laws imposed oh her by the Indian Act—enacted in 1876.

  • English Students ‘Condemn’ University’s Mishandling of Sexual Violence

    CASE Demands Apology From CUPFA Over Sexual Misconduct Panel

    Following the news that a Concordia professor in the creative writing program was exonerated of sexual harassment allegations, the Concordia Association for Students in English released a statement condemning the university’s “mishandling” of the case.

  • Strike Votes Imminent as Departments Prepare for Mobilization

    Communications and SCPA Follow Journalism as Fight Against Unpaid Internships Continues

    Student associations in Communications and the School of Community and Public Affairs have shown an interest in pressuring the university to change their policies surrounding internships at Concordia, with strike votes set to take place this month.

  • Decision to Change the Redmen Name Postponed

    SSMU Releases Statement Responding to the Delay

    In light of the decision to postpone the ruling on the Redmen name, the Student Society of McGill University responded in a statement on Friday.

  • ASFA Appoint New Finance Coordinator

    Gigi Cordeiro Officially Replaces Caleb Owusu-Acheaw, ASFA Finance Policies Under Review

    The Arts and Science Federation of Associations officially appointed Gigi Cordeiro as their Finance Coordinator last Thursday.

  • Concordia Journalism Students Strike Against Unpaid Internships

    Department Becomes Second Anglophone University to Join the Movement

    About 35 journalism undergraduates voted unanimously for a week long strike in the winter semester on Wednesday night. Students are demanding the provincial government prohibit universities and CEGEP’s from running unpaid internships and want a section on interns’ rights added to Quebec’s labour code.

  • Online Polls Now Open for CSU By-Elections

    Union Wants Student Support For Online Voting and Fee-Levy Restructuring

    After being postponed for two months, polling for the Concordia Student Union by-elections opened today, with voting taking place online.

  • Council Update: CSU Signs Off on Deal to Provide More Mental Health Services

    Union to Sponsor Upcoming JMAS Tax Clinic

    The Concordia Student Union will be expanding mental health coverage within the undergraduate health plan. Alliance pour la santé étudiante au Québec, the union’s health and dental provider, has recently offered Empower Me, a new online mental health and wellness service for students.

  • CSU IT Director Says Risks Involved With Online Voting Are Being Overlooked

    “Rushed Process” Results in Return to Paper Ballots, As a Plan B

    Last Wednesday the Concordia Student Union’s IT Director Camil Gagnon-Duguay brought up his concerns about online voting in an email to the CSU’s executive team. With voting for their by-election set to take place online Jan. 15 to the 17, the union voted to use paper ballots as a backup plan.

  • CSU January By-Election to Run Online

    Union Releases Costs of Cancelled Election, General Coordinator Responds to Transparency Worries

    Voting for the Concordia Student Union by-elections will take place online. CSU council agreed Wednesday night that the by-elections—initially set to take place between Nov. 27 and 29—will take place on an online platform separate from My.Concordia this January.

  • Concordia Student Union By-Elections Cancelled Last-Minute

    Vote Delayed to Next Semester After Voting Procedures Were Not Followed

    The Concordia Student Union’s by-elections have been delayed until January.

  • UPDATED: Increased Funding Secured for Woodnote Cooperative

    Construction Delayed, Project Completion Set for Spring or Summer 2020

    After multiple delays and an increase to the project budget, The Woodnote Housing Cooperative has secured the $18 million total funding to push forward, with construction set to take place in the spring.

  • Thousands March For Paid Internships

    UQAM Administration Attempts to Evacuate University

    Students across Montreal let their voices be heard throughout downtown as over a thousand marched demanding remuneration for all unpaid internships. In a number of departments the provincial government demands that students only take on unpaid internships.

  • Concordia Retracts Over $103,000 from CSU, Union in Deficit

    CSU Finance Coordinator Recommends Fee-Levy Restructuring

    According to their recent 2017-2018 audited financial statement, the Concordia Student Union’s cash flow is tightening. The CSU’s Finance Coordinator John Hutton said that if the CSU continues its current spending habit, the union will run dry by next summer.

  • ASFA Councillor Appointed as Election CEO Ahead of By-Elections

    Executives Again Propose Fee-Levy Increase

    The Arts and Science Federation of Associations by-elections begin at the end of the month and the position of Chief Electoral Officer had yet to be filled. On Thursdays regular meeting, ASFA council opted to vote a councillor on an interim basis until the role can be permanently filled by someone not on council.

  • Vigil for Nicholas Gibbs Calls for More Police Accountability

    Family Suing City for Moral and Punitive Damages

    It was a warm fall day, yellow leaves coloured the floor below as mourners gathered in Trenholme Park in Notre-Dame-de-Grâce to pay their respects to Nicholas Gibbs.

  • Daivy Makunza Breaks Down Racist Incident in PLSQ Cup Game

    Quebec Futsal Clubs Show Support, Pay Homage to Makunza

    It was a cold mid-October day and CS Longueuil and FC Lanaudière were set to face-off in the last quarter-final game of the Première ligue de soccer du Québec competition, Coupe PLSQ. The score remained 1-1 and would force the match to go into extra time.

  • Vigil for Victims of Police Brutality Calls for More Accountability

    Police Need to be Investigated, Says Anti-Police Brutality Activist

    Truth, justice and accountability. Bridget Tolley found herself repeating these words several times during Monday night’s 9th annual vigil for victims of police brutality.

  • Homeless March Highlights Lack of Shelter Access for Women

    March Calls for Higher Welfare and More Social Housing From New Quebec Government

    For the 29th annual Night of the Homeless, hundreds marched on Friday night to bring awareness to the city’s homeless—not only to the public, but government officials too.

  • U SPORTS Announce Partnership with Canadian Premier League

    University Men’s Soccer Players Will Have the Opportunity to be Selected to a CPL Team

    U SPORTS men’s soccer players will now have an opportunity to play professional soccer. The Canadian Premier League—Canada’s professional soccer league launching in April 2019—and U SPORTS agreed to a partnership on Wednesday afternoon.